Fishing Father

online store of fishing tackle

About the project:

Fishing Father is an area of online comfort, where you can buy quality goods for fishing, relax from the daily hustle and bustle and find not just friends, but become part of the community.


  • Marketing audit of the site and metrics;

  • Development of a strategy to increase conversions;

  • Troubleshooting on the site;

  • Improving the usability of the site;

  • Increasing the conversion rate;



Conduct a detailed site audit

Google Analytics and Google ADS audit

Make edits to the site

Track indicators after making changes

After a well-planned strategy, we wrote down a series of edits that could bring us closer to the goal.

We agreed on all edits with the client and started writing Technical Task for developers and content managers.

Work on the project

First of all, the marketing department started the audit of the site with its usability and Google Analytics.

  • During the Google Analytics survey, it became clear that most people leave the home page (we have 27,000 people, of which only 9,700 go further. We see 80% of interruptions and quite a lot of traffic to the main russian version. There can be many reasons including errors in advertising. Google ADS support has confirmed to us that there are problems.

  • Also, we found a large percentage of abandoned carts – about 80% (170 people go to the cart and only 38 make orders).

    It follows that we need to view the cart, maybe there is something extra to fill or it is simply inconveniently implemented.

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Then we gathered all the edits into one document, divided them into two iterations, and made a call with the client to clarify all the tasks. Let’s open a little behind the scenes of these edits.

The first iteration included:

Blocks from “Promotions”, “Hits”, and “Novelties” were divided into 3 separate blocks with the ability to flip through.

Made a fixed header so that you can quickly return to the main page or any other page. They also made pagination pages so that customers didn’t have to scroll down.

The product card descriptions are placed at the top, on the visible and quickly accessible part of the screen.

Connected the Nova Poshta plug-in for fast and convenient ordering.

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After making changes to the first iteration, we pulled metrics in Google Analytics to understand if our ideas worked.

Due to several contextual advertising issues, the transaction rate was lower than desired. As a result, the client decided to disable contextual advertising until all changes are made to the site.

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In the complex, all editing played into our hands and the conversion increased, we expect further growth over time. After the implementation of the changes from the second iteration, we will also remove indicators for monitoring.

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