Online store of goods for sleep and home

About the project

Jasmine is an online store of quality Turkish bed linen and home clothes. The project started in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, as an additional source of income, in addition to two stores.


  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of advertising accounts on Facebook and Google Ads.

  • Highlight growth points.

  • Improve advertising performance.

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Services / Technologies


Detailed briefing with the client.

Audit of advertising accounts in Facebook and Google Ads.

Disabling ineffective advertising campaigns.

Relaunch of advertising campaigns.

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Conducted a detailed audit of the advertising office and previous advertising campaigns. As a result, we developed an advertising strategy and hypotheses to test;

Created and configured events in Facebook event manager;

Created event audiences for retargets and wide audiences to attract new customers;

Created advertising creative and es, text for Facebook and Instagram placements;

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Set up advertising campaigns for the conversion of “buy on the site”, which allowed to target the target buyer, as well as create a “hot” audience retarget,

In parallel, a promotional post on Instagram was launched to develop the social media platform, increase subscribers and visibility;

In the process of advertising, we monitored the results and tested hypotheses. As a result, we settled on a working and cost-effective option for the client.


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In retail in search advertising, the results were 5-10% better.

GDN did not give significant sales and results.

Google Merchant generated a lot of cheap traffic, but conversions were more expensive than search.


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After two months of work (tests), there was one search campaign that gave the best result and Google Merchant.