online store of the textile industry

About the project

TEP is the leading company in the Ukrainian textile industry, known for the quality of its products in the CIS countries. Since its founding in 1996, the company has firmly established a niche in the production of home textiles.


  • Redesign advertising campaigns with refinements and extensions of the semantic core, launch a wholesale direction in Google advertising. Also encourage retail sales in targeted advertising.

Services / Technologies



  • Setting up search advertising for wholesale under the list of goods: pillows, blankets, bedding, etc.
  • Remarketing settings are the return of those visitors who did not take the intended action and left the site.
  • Launch Display network by keywords. Different audiences will also be selected and tested.


  • Adjust traffic to an existing page (or a new one).
  • Adjust and test leads form.
  • Creation of a questionnaire and its testing.
  • Adjust traffic on Instagram, using creative images from those categories that are most bought on the site.
  • Adjust ads directly to messages on direct Instagram.


  • Google B2B (Hypothesis)

    1. Launch search advertising with requests for wholesale/dropshipping.

    2. In parallel, test KMS with such interests as: audiences by competitors / special audiences by intentions / key requests.

    3. GDN in gmail with such audiences as: special audiences by intentions / keys.

  • Таргетована реклама B2B (Hypothesis)

    1. To receive applications, use the Lead form (these are internal capabilities of Facebook and Instagram).

    2. Use the quiz: – Interests: Administrators of pages narrowing to the interests of pillows, blankets, bed linen and sheets / small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs narrowing to the interests of pillows, blankets, bed linen and sheets.

  • Google B2C (Hypothesis)

    1. Launch search advertising with general and branded queries.

    2. Run product advertising.

    3. Start remarketing.

  • Таргетована реклама B2С (Hypothesis)

    1. To receive applications, use strategies such as: – traffic to the site;

    – Traffic on Instagram;

    – Message in direct instagram;

    – Site conversions.


Google B2B – Based on statistics after the first week of advertising, we left those campaigns that gave the highest results with the lowest cost and emphasized them.

Targeted B2B advertising – Based on the statistics after the first week of advertising and feedback, it was clear that the hypothesis worked in both cases. So we continued to work in both directions. When the lead forms began ty lose on the results, it was decided to stop them and continue to work only for the quiz without increasing the budget.

Google B2C – After the first week of unscrewing, it was clear which of the campaigns show the best results: product and search branded. It was decided to leave them and remarketing.

Targeted B2C advertising – After testing possible approaches, based on the numbers, it was decided to stop all advertising campaigns. Pack your Instagram profile with the most marginalized products (bedding) and then continue working with B2C.


The task was to test lead generation for retail as much as possible. After that, they engaged in wholesale and dropshipping. We were given the desired KPI in the form of 280 applications, as a result, we received 305 of the target first office / Google 155 / target second office 282 – a total of 742 leads per month.